October designates the beginning of the holiday season, no matter if you are ready for it or not! Thanks to a bit of overzealous marketing professionals, this first full month of autumn is full of holiday inspired advertising. Instead of fighting it, consider diving in this year. There are so many fun ways to celebrate, including three major days packed one after another, beginning at the end of the month.

Halloween, October 31
Trick or treat! Halloween is a hallmark of the fall season, and brings out the creativity and fun in people of all ages. If you find yourself hosting a pre-trick-or-treating party with families in your neighborhood, try to plan a meal that is easy to eat and that will keep everyone satisfied as you trek through town ringing doorbells and showing off superhero costumes. Pasta is always a hit, and Mangia Fresca can do all the hard work for you through our catering team. You just need to show up to your own party with a costume and a fork. Hosting an adults only Halloween celebration instead? Try appetizers that are delicious and pair nicely with autumn beverages.

All Saints Day, November 1
After the Halloween costumes are put away, some traditions switch to a more reverent celebration. All Saints Day is typically celebrated by Christian or Catholic traditions, making time to remember Saints with a feast. If you happen to be hosting an All Saints Day brunch after church celebrations, consider skipping the food preparation and allow Mangia Fresca to provide food that will keep your guests coming back for seconds.

All Souls Day, November 2
After celebrating the Saints, some traditions take a day to remember loved ones who have passed away. Celebrated throughout Catholic and Christian traditions, and especially throughout Italy, All Souls Day is a time to remember those who we have loved and lost. Consider celebrating this occasion with desserts and discussion, sharing photos and memories about Souls important to you or your guests. Mangia Fresca can provide traditional Italian sweet fare, giving you more time to remember with your guests.

How will you celebrate this year, before the busyness of Thanksgiving sets in? Let us help!